“You want us to do what?”   “We’ve never done that before!”  “How are we going to do that?”   I hear these statements a lot here at Crafted Impressions but with this amazing, creative and customer driven team, we pull it off every time!  Crafted Impressions specializes in thinking out of the box, creating custom solutions, and even making products we’ve never made before. Our customers are thrilled with the end product and at the end of the day we realize we have once again stepped out of the box making a custom solution to a real problem.

Spring Valley Church in Allendale, Michigan had a real problem and needed a custom solution.  They wanted to advertise their special services for Easter and for Christmas. In the past they had a vinyl banner made, but they were unhappy with the appearance and the fact that their vinyl banner didn’t hold up well to the wind and weather.

Custom Solution:  Print large pieces of fabric and sew them together to create a seamless image. Although we have a large format printer, it is not big enough to print the 6′ x 10′ size that was required.  I talked to our designer and dye-sublimator and we came up with a way to make this amazing sign through a custom cut & sew operation.  Mae Eaton, the seamstress that sewed the fabric together, is proudly standing beside this beautiful sign!  The church is very excited with the end result and once again, Crafted Impressions solved a problem creatively and economically for our customer.  I love the people of Crafted Impressions and I am very proud of what we can do for our customers!