I love it when we create a customized product and I hear one of our staff members say, “Now This is Something I Can Be Proud Of!”  We actually hear that a lot at Crafted Impressions!  We have been able to make Laser Engraved Awards for several local companies and they are so beautiful, they really are something to be proud of.  Most recently, we were asked by the Lakeshore Mid-Day Referrals to create an award they would give to the best presenter for that day.  The award they were using prior to this was about three years old and didn’t have the professional look they were wanting.

I met Melissa and she asked us if we were able to make custom awards.  With our no minimum, no set-up fee policy, I was happy to create a meaningful award she would be proud to bring to her net-working leads group.

Melissa had a limited budget so we picked out an acrylic award that could be laser engraved, that while it was still very impressive, fit within her budget.  We designed the layout for her and after she approved the art, we used our Epilog Laser Engraver to create this stunning award.  Our turnaround time was less than a week, which made her really happy!

Another customer that comes to Crafted Impressions for their Laser Engraved Awards is The Ottawa County Deputies Association. When one of their officers retires, the OCDA asks Crafted Impressions to laser engrave a Crystal Award that shows the officer’s name and service dates along with the Ottawa County Deputies Association logo. The service these officers have performed for our community is worthy of a special award and I am very proud that Crafted Impressions is able to provide a product that our customers and we can be very proud of!

When I see the beauty of the awards we make and think about the meaning these awards have for their recipients, I truly can say, “Now This is Something I Can Be PROUD OF!”