I love Allendale, Michigan!  I live in Allendale, work in Allendale, my kids go to Allendale schools and I volunteer A LOT in Allendale.  I was really excited when Crafted Impressions, located in Allendale, was asked to make the trophy for the annual competition between Allendale and Coopersville schools called “Battle For The Bridge”, #battleforthebridge. This friendly competition tallies the winners of different games as well as student participation.  The winner takes home this lovely trophy with their name and year engraved into a brass tag.  The criteria was they wanted a very large and impressive trophy.  I am so glad that were able to provide such a trophy.

Thank you to Stefanie Torp for allowing Crafted Impressions to provide this trophy for this fun event.  Thank you to Rachelle Lanser, Stefanie Torp and Kristen DeGroot for modeling the #battleforthebridge t-shirts and trophy!  Go Allendale!