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Attention All Artists! You already have a following of customers and admirers that love your art.  Now put your art on custom products that your customers will be quick to purchase and proudly display!

Crafted Impressions located in Allendale Michigan is working with numerous artists, dye sublimating their creative designs on pillows, wall décor, ceramic tiles, ceramic coffee mugs and more.  The latest artist to contact Crafted Impressions sells his art on Etsy.com.  Aaron Spence drew amazing, colorful images of fish using sharpies!  He asked us to sublimate (print) these beautiful images onto 6″ x 8″ Ceramic Tiles. The tiles are more than just an attractive and meaningful decoration, its actually a dry erase board!

Aaron’s designs for the Dry Erase Tiles include Brown Trout and Steelhead. I was specifically drawn to the Steelhead as it reminded me of days fishing with my dad on Lake Michigan.  I was dad’s fishing partner and we fished together for years up in Ludington whenever we could.  I reeled in many Steelhead during the annual Salmon Derbies in Ludington as well as every spare weekend and vacations. Now that my dad is gone, those memories are precious to me.  Seeing Aaron’s drawing brought back those memories; so I just had to have one for my home.

The first day proudly displaying my Steelhead customized dry erase tile, I left an encouraging note for my son before he went to school.  For all you fish lovers out there, check out Aaron Spence’s Etsy store.  Here’s the link to his store https://www.etsy.com/shop/troutmugs?ref=search_shop_redirect.

Thank you, Aaron, for allowing us to produce your special product.  Thank you also for the great memories that your art brought to mind!

For all you artists out there, what creative and customized product can we produce for you to share your art with the world?  We’re ready for you!  Give us a call at 800.720.0065 or email me at carlene@craftedimp.com.

Tile-Steelhead up close-Reduced Size Tile - Trout Up Close - Reduced Size